Student Information Systems (SIS) Project

UC Berkeley is in the final stages of a very large and complex project to replace its aging student systems with an integrated solution from Oracle. CalCentral, a precursor to this project, was chosen as the campus' portal and has been expanded to serve faculty and staff.


Transforming how services are delivered and experienced on campus was a key part of the vision for this project. Service Design methods and principles were employed to map out service touchpoints and journeys.  


The two year implementation project includes the design and delivery of services from several categories, including:

  • Academic Planing and Enrollment

  • Admissions and Onboarding

  • Advising Tools

  • Billing

  • Classroom Management

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Forms and Workflow

  • Grading

  • Reporting

  • Student Records

UC Berkeley - Sather Gate
UC Berkeley - Sather Gate
My Academics screen layout
My Academics screen layout
SIS Student Categories_edited
SIS Student Categories_edited
Outside in - Service Design
Outside in - Service Design
Academic Success Journeys
Academic Success Journeys

My Role

I have been doing design work for this project since the pre-RFP phase. My role is User Experience (UX) Lead and I work with a team of three designers and student interns. Roles and contributions to this project include: 

  • authored the project's UX Strategy 

  • charted archetype journeys maps

  • engaged frequently in outreach and research activities with students, faculty and advisors

  • led design work

  • worked with team leaders on service requirements

  • change management and Tiger Team lead 

  • advocated for end-users needs in design and technical delivery choices



Multiple research methods have been employed throughout the project to capture and bring the voice of our end-users into every aspect of the project's design and delivery. Methods include, workshops, the development of personas, surveys and benchmarking, journey and experience mapping, 1-on-1 interviews, and usability testing.


The project has been recognized by the campus' executives for delivering on time and on budget. Students, faculty and advisors have been extremely complementary of the changes and ease of use. Additional features and functionality changes will be made to the system over the coming years.